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Latest Trail Conditions
  • 23 FEB 2015

    Sorry folks that we have been relying heavy on Facebook for trail reports. Not sure how many have been following here, it's hard to measure it on this page. Trails have been awesome with all of this snow! Awesome trails cost money and we need your support more than anything this season. Buy those... Read More

  • 16 JAN 2015

    Most trails have been groomed recently. Still some low snow conditions in fields and woods trails. Caution is to be used on all trails for open water hazards and terrain bumps. Extra caution on C4 Boody Hill Trail of a trench in the middle of trail that needs more snow. If we don't get more snow ... Read More

  • 9 JAN 2015

    Need more snow on most of trail system. Remsen C4 has a trail closure near the junction to Remsen Village. We are working on a reroute with no estimate of completion. Groomer was out last night from Alder Creek to some points south. Expect some good areas with some still rough due to low snow. Fo... Read More

  • 22 DEC 2014

    Some of our landowners have given us permission to open some of the gates. Finished staking C7 yesterday. Still waiting to hear if we are able to open gates on S71A coming from Mapledale to C7A. If we get more snow, C7A to C7 all the way to Alder Creek is open. C4 d... Read More

  • 23 FEB 2014

    We have ponding and slush holes on some areas of the trails. We will have to wait for this to refreeze before we can groom those areas anytime soon. Truck trails were groomed and are in great shape. Some areas are thin on snow especially in the valleys.

    Read More
Penn Mountain Snow Riders
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home03Our next membership meeting will be November 24th @ 7:30pm. Board meeting will take place before meeting @ 6:30pm. This meeting will take place at the Roberts Post Legion in Holland Patent. Keep checking Facebook, Homepage and Forum for up to date info.
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Looking for an easy way to purchase Penn Mountain clothing and gear? No problem. Thanks to one of our members, Chad Clark, you can order right online and have the items shipped to your home. Check the left hand column and click on Penn Mountain Gear. Ezee peezee.

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Yes we are on Facebook! Search for us under Penn Mountain Snow Rider's, Inc. We may open it up to allow posting of pictures from Friends if we get enough interest. Come say hello!

home04Here's another great way to help your club. Save your fuel receipts from your gasoline purchases for your snowmobiles and document them on these handy forms and send them into us. At the end of the season we will ask the Department of Taxation for a refund of the road tax and use these funds to help our club. No need to worry about buying fuel from out of town or buying fuel at participating gas stations, just use the convenient form. Start helping us now! Please be accurate on your entries, signature required for each entry, gallons purchased with date. Click on the following to download form PMSRgastaxrebateForm